Saturday, October 06, 2012

The Secret - Short Story by Sharlee Plett

In the fall of 2011, Sharlee Plett participated in a weekly writer's meeting in Salmon Arm, B.C.  Each writer brought their original short pieces for reading at the meeting, created from the weekly "homework assignment" given at the end of each class.  

As an example, the homework assignment might be to write a story that included a list of words.  Each word had to appear in the story or poem.  Another type of assignment might be that the story had to begin or end with a particular paragraph or sentence.

It was surprising and fascinating to hear the different ideas that were drawn from each assignment, as each author wove their tale from their own perspective and style.

"The Secret" was a short story written by Sharlee Plett from one of the homework assignments.

You can read Sharlee Plett's version of the homework assignment at her site on the Writer's Network:
The Secret - A Short Story by Sharlee Plett

If you live in the Salmon Arm area of the Shuswap, and you love to write or would like to, consider meeting up with the Shuswap Writer's Group.

This wonderful group of people always begin their meetings with a reading of their Mission Statement:

Our goal is to provide mutual support in a safe, encouraging and positive environment as we each develop our writing skills and flex our creative muscles.   
When it is requested, feedback and evaluation of a member's work will be done in an atmosphere of sincerity and empathy, keeping in mind that it is the evaluator's opinion only. 
As we explore the poetic world of imagination  individual goals will be respected; where one member may be committed to publish, another member may be writing for their own personal pleasure.  All paths are honored.   
It is our intention to evolve as writers.
If not, you might want to feature your work on the Writer's Network.  You can set up your own profile, publish your work, and receive feedback from other members on the network.

Sharlee Plett - Writer's Network Profile

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