Thursday, October 18, 2012

You are Beautiful! Already.

There's an old saying: "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder," and this video explores ideas about how you can adjust your own view of yourself, the view that you present in your world, in ways that are empowering and full of possibility.  The video is entitled: "On Real Beauty."

Here's the top 10 ways to make sure everyone knows you're beautiful, as shown in the video:

1.  Remember there are differences, but there are no flaws.

2.  There's only one fashion rule: if it makes you feel awesome, wear it.

3.  Be willing to be vulnerable, so you can also fully experience joy.

4.  Control your own perspective.  Perspective is everything.

5.  Another word for sexy?  CONFIDENT.

6.  Breathe.  Deeply and every day.

7.  Express yourself.  Often, kindly and without apology.

8.  The adventure is in the attempt.  Embrace possibility.

9.  To remain youthful, never stop looking for the wonderful.

10. And finally: create your own story.  Never let others create it for you...

Because no matter what anyone says, there is an underlying truth:  you are different and you are beautiful, amazing,

The video links to the website:, which offers a wonderful book:

the beauty of different

What if you had a superpower?  Because you just might.  The Beauty of Different contains intimate portraits of men and women who have discovered what makes them beautifully different.  Walrond's gifted eye captures their beauty and the beauty in the world around us in unique and stirring ways.  Spend time looking at life through her eyes, and you'll discover a whole new way of seeing yourself.

And remember -- you are ALREADY beautiful!

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